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The Underground is a free trail racing league using the Ride Hermes app. Anyone can can race anytime. Official Underground Leagues are organized by our community, each being made of designated trails that are raced for time during a season.

All you need is a phone and the Ride Hermes app to find Underground Trails. Record your rides and race as much you want. Your fastest time is automatically calculated to our live Underground Leaderboard in the app.

The faster you go, the more points you earn. The more trails you race, the more points you collect. It’s that simple! The top three riders from each Underground League will be invited to the live Underground Finals to race among the fastest riders.



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The Underground Racing League runs May 1st to September 2nd. A few leagues will run outside these dates due to weather or trail conditions. Leagues are organized, operated and scored individually. There are some variations on how each league operates, but the Ride Hermes app is used to track and score all Underground Leagues.


Riders select their gender and weight in the Ride Hermes App if they wish to participate in race classes. Ride Hermes information should be accurate at the start of the season.  Ride Hermes will enter each rider in the appropriate classes based on the information given.


Riders can race in as many leagues or trails as they want. A rider's fastest time for each trail will be calculated against other riders on that trail during the season. Points are awarded based on the riders rank for each trail. The rider's fastest seven trails with the highest point value are totaled in the leaderboard. A rider can improve his or her time and increase points accumulated during the season. Rankings on trails and the leaderboard can change quickly, but all times and points are final at the season's closing.

Leagues can award prizes and trophies. The top three riders from each class in each League are invited to the Underground Finals where prizes and trophies will be awarded.



Race Classes:

Men's, Women's, Clydesdale (+215lbs)


Any Onewheel self-balancing electric "trailboard" with any modification is allowed. This includes Pint, XR, GT, Floatwheel or VESC. The board does not need to be a Onewheel, but it does need to be ridden like a skateboard. EUCs must race in it's own class.  There are no board classes, race what you bring!

Time Validation:

The Underground understands concerns related to racing with a non supervised GPS based racing league. Validation can be requested for any Ride Hermes time in question. Validation can be done through Hermes data review, video evidence, witnesses and / or a re-race. POV video is not required, but recommended.

GPS Errors:

It’s the goal of the Underground to limit errors through proper design of race trails, but some errors are unavoidable. Any race time that show unfair advantage due to error will be removed.

Some trails do not record correctly for various reasons. The organizers will monitor each trail for errors and reserve the right to adjust or remove any trail if it isn't recording properly. These adjustments can alter standings and race times. Any adjustment shall be done prior to the halfway point in the session.

Experiencing lost or inaccurate times are not common, but do occur. This is something many of us have experienced. Understand how to get the most from your app and phone tracking to limit the possibly of lost times and accept when it does occur.


It is the riders responsibility to know the course. Trails MUST be raced as designed and any deviation from the course or “gaming” the trail is not allowed. Any race times that don’t meet the course requirements, intentional or unintentional, will be removed.


Any violation of the rules can result in race times being removed, disqualification for the day or removal from the season.

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We worked with the Onewheel Community to share the best local trails! Be an Ambassador for our sport. Although we are racing, our priority is to maintain and gain trail access.

Respect the trails and the Trail Community. Do not damage trails. Stay on trail and off trails when it's wet. Clean up after yourself, leaving no trace. Avoid trails when they are busy. Consider volunteering to help build, repair and support our local trails. All positive interactions make a difference in gaining respect.

Etiquette Violations:

The community is watching. If you have a problem at a Underground Trail, please contact us so we can help mediate. Riders with etiquette violation can be disqualified for that day or banned permanently.

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