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Join The Collective and start a Underground League! Organizing a league requires locating trails, recording rides, creating trails in Ride Hermes and managing your league in the app. Other responsibilities can include obtaining sponsorship, awarding prizes or organizing live events.


We recommend you have a close connection with the Onewheel community and knowledge of local trails. A Ride Hermes App account is required to manage your trails and Facebook Messenger is needed to communicate between League Leaders.

May 1st - September 2nd, 2024



Choose a name that describes your area and community. The use of Underground in your name will identify it as part of the “Collective” and the benefits that come with it.

Collective 24 Colage.png


Facebook, Instagram, Discord or YouTube. Connect and communicate with your community. One form of Social Media is required to become an official Underground League. Recruit "Trail Ambassadors" to help manage trails. This can include reporting trail condition or mediating when issues arise and maintaining relations with the Trail Community.

Underground Record Hermes


Record your rides on Hermes. You can make any Ride into Trail.

Smile Graffiti


The 2024 race season starts May 1st, 2024 and ends September 15th, 2024. Early seasons outside these dates can be approved for locations where weather or trail conditions wont allow for standard season dates. All seasons must close by September 15th to qualify for Finals.


Underground Circuit Name


A League Logo is required, Think of it as your “brand”. Recruit the local community to assist. AI apps, Fiverr or similar freelance services can be help if needed. We request the image be 256 x 256.

Underground Instagram
Underground Facebook


Trails must range from a half mile to three miles. Ask your Onewheel Community for trail suggestion or find new trails with apps like Trailforks, MTB Project or All Trails.

Ride Hermes


Official Underground Leagues must  have a minimum of 7 trails and a maximum of 16 trails to qualify. Use the guide for tips on choosing the right trails for racing. You can select any Hermes Trail for your season.


Form a new "League" in the Hermes app. Upload your logo, add a description and include any social media links. Continue in the app with "New Season". Season Name should include "24 Underground" to designate it as a part of the Official Underground season. Add start and end dates, describe the season and select trails to be added. Add vehicles to be allowed under "Vehicle Class". Season. 

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Crown Blk


Submit your League in Ride Hermes by completing your League & Season. Seasons must be set by May 1st. Your season will be added to the official Underground season after your league has been reviewed.

Each League will be evaluated if it meets the minimum requirement to be included in the 2024 Underground season. Any League not selected will become a league in Hermes, but will not be included in the Underground season. We ask that only official Underground leagues use the Underground name and branding.


There is no right or wrong way to manage a League. Find sponsors, make jerseys, organize live events! Make your league yours!


Selecting Trails

There are many considerations when choosing a Underground Trail. Is the Trail enjoyable? Does it track correctly? Is it safe? Will use cause problems with the Trail Community?  Here are some things to help make the right decision.

1.  Suggested distance 0.5 to 3.0 miles (Short trails do not track as accurately)

2.  Accessibility

3.  Avoid high traffic trails

4.  Navigate with one path or open to riders choice. Use the fastest route to avoid shortcuts

5.  Cell service.

6.  Legal and trail community friendly

7.  Downhill or flat trails preferred (Climbing gives advantage to light riders and high powered boards)

8. Nearby charging access


Set "Start" and "Finish" gates on a straight path with no other trail nearby. Gates require a safety area of 20 yards with no other sections of the trail in the safety zone. Tight turns or tree coverage near gates will negatively affect GPS accuracy and can cause errors.

Avoid setting Start and Finish Gates at the same location. Set Start Gates away from rest areas or mail paths where riders ride or gather before and after a run. Riders can accidentally activate gates if they get too close

Once a Trail is selected, ride it multiple times on the same recording. You will see if the trail tracks well by where the lines separate.. This is GPS drift. Some drift is expected, but excessive drift should be avoided near the Start and Finish Gates. It's recommended to have others ride it, preferably with different phones and cell service. This is what a proper GPS track looks like after three runs on one recording.


How far apart should trails be?

Locations of your trails is dependent on your community and available Trails. We had a League with over 500 miles between Trails and another where all Trail were located in a single park. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Most important thing is that your Trails meet the needs discussed on this page

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