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The Float Life

The Float Life is the original 3rd party innovator in Onewheel™ compatible accessories. We design and create products that protect your board from damage, improve the quality of your ride, and to help you improve your Onewheel™ skills when you’re off your board.

Float on, my friend :)

Santa Cruz Wheelslip

Located in Santa Cruz, CA the birthplace of the Onewheel™, we offer third party repairs, upgrades, and modifications. Santa Cruz Wheelslip was born from riders for riders and is part of the Stoke Life Service repair network. From just supporting our local crew for weekend trail rides to now supporting the entire Onewheel Community at large, we have you covered from basic services and upgrades to in depth electrical repairs and troubleshooting.

Pro Ride

ProRide is a boardsport company, their passion and experience from surfing waves and snowboarding the mountains combined with the love for Onewheel™ has brought them to become innovators creating the best products for our sport. Located in the beautiful Monterey Bay, they have the world's playground right in their backyard. Fort Ord is their testing track and it combines all the elements around to produce the most epic Onewheel racing you can ask for!

"The Family"

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San Diego's "The Family" is a collab between Fun Culture, Neil's Fun Stuff, Wheel Fun Stuff, and Stoke Saver, this group loves to ride!


The world is in constant FLUX, a FLUXthat causes MVMNT in each of us. Flux is building a community of PEVs and striving for a better future, a sustainable future.Supporting and sponsoring the best riders across Onewheel™, EUC, E-Skate & E-Bike. Check out the online store.

Flight Fins


SENDING IT SINCE 2017, FlightFins is known for their innovative FlightFins foothold system that dominates roots, rocks, jumps and drops. Today, Flightfins is more than just fins! FlightFender, ButterBumper and the beloved Whisper tire are just a few of their signature products. Flightfins’ stands behind their products and ride them every day.


Bob's Stoke Shop

Bob’s Stoke Shop is the sponsor of San Francisco’s Ecology. Bobs Stoke Shop is well know for offering advanced Onewheel and PEV repairs. If he can’t fix it, no one can. The new Stoke Shop is opening soon in the North Bay Area (Novato), but they accept shipped in repairs from all over the world!

Bob also offers a ton of signature part including the new GT Lightning rails ! Check out what they have to offer

One Stop Board Shop


Your family owned premier shop for all things Onewheel™, e-skate and everything PEV. Accessories and parts, service and upgrades, boards, and more! Our goal is simple – to keep you riding. We get it, because this shop is by riders, for riders. 

Loving Hut

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Loving Hut is a beacon of light for an alternative way of living to achieve World Vegan, World Peace. While striving to make Our Vision a reality, we continually focus on improving our Core Values.

Chameleon Rails


Chameleon Rails are customizable interchangeable Rail covers that are the solution to the problem of having to commit to the same rail guard covers for any period of time. They are removable metal rail covers like hub caps for a car tire. If you can remove your footpads and bumpers then you can change Chameleon Rails, it’s just that simple!


Onewheel Fliers

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Onewheel Fliers and Ricki Ali are official sponsor of The Underground Circuit. "Onewheeling is the game"



Cory Boehne, the founder of Armor-Dilloz (DBA of Overkill Inc.) created Armor-Dilloz tire sealant because of his love of riding, and frustration with flat tires on his Onewheel PEV.  Since then, we have proudly branched out to help solve flats for the e-Scooter, EUC, and E-Skate community, as well as various other small markets with unique needs for the ultimate in performance from their pneumatic tires.

San Diego Riders

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Feather Racing logo Transparent .png

Whether it's a Funslinger  beveage holder or a custom leather grip for Kyle Hanson's R4TR Trophy, Kevin at Solofalcon Leather is combining his passion for Onewheels and leather crafting, 

Feather Racing

For the Glory

Makers PEV

Makers PEV is a company that makes components for electric vehicles that is founded by riders for riders. Our mission is to aid the creativity of all those looking to make their own personal electric vehicles or upgrade and repair what they currently have. Alone there is only so much we can achieve but we hope to empower the DIY community to innovate and create the next PEV that we can be obsessed with. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and passion we have for the future of electric vehicles.

YouFORM Pads


The YouFORM hip pad is the result of decades of experience and acquired knowledge in the medical foam and orthopedic market combined with a love of extreme sports. Derek Wilson, the inventor and founder of YouFORM is an avid Onewheel rider. After taking a ridiculous number of body slams to his left hip, he set out to look for protection. After purchasing many padded shorts and never wearing them, it was time to find a better solution. The products on the market were a pain in the ass to put on, uncomfortable, looked ridiculous and ultimately didn't provide the protection he was searching for. This led to the inspiration to create a modular slide in hip pad. Not everyone needs both hips protected and most people won't wear pads that look dumb and take too long to put on. After a lengthy R&D period and dozens of variations, the YouFORM Hip Pad was born!



Overlander Lifters make it easier than ever to execute jumps, spins, and hard-carving turns while riding your OneWheel on trails or pavement. Use these OneWheel accessories to securely engage your feet while maintaining the freedom to bail with your usual natural jumping maneuvers. Improve your carve-ability and control, eliminate hesitation, and reduce instability with unparalleled foot retention.


International Onewheel Association

The International One Wheel Association (IOWA) is a 501c7 nonprofit organization legitimizing and advocating for the sport of onewheel. We are a community of athletes, vendors, and event organizers working together to make onewheeling better for all!

Kiil Guards

The most durable and long lasting Onewheel suspension system on the market!

Compago Solutions

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